Blog Post 5/28/15

Our morning started with a science lesson. We took an open book assessment on space science because we just finished a unit on planets, gravity, and other space-related topics. This is our final test of the year because next week is our last week of school! Ahhh!

Anyway, we also discussed our summer project for science. We are going to collect data about the weather so we can make predictions and conclusions when school restarts in the fall. I think this is going to be so cool!

After science, we came back and worked on our writing. We are working on our narrative essays, so we had some changes to make.

When we finished reading all the comments on our writing and editing, we ate lunch. During lunch, we made a thank you card for our coding teacher Michaela. Today was our last coding session until September. We had such a great year coding!

When Michaela got here, we finished up our games. I finished my game, but there are still a few things I could change over the summer. I really learned a lot!

Well, I guess our year really is winding down. I know we had a great time this year. We’re not quite done yet though! We have one more week left. I can’t wait to see how it goes!

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