Current Events: Rising Tides

On Friday, I chose an article for current events about rising ocean levels. I found four different cities and how much more water they will have in the years 2020, 2040, 2080, and 2100.

Miami: In 2020, Miami ocean waters will rise 0.2 feet. This may not seem like very much, but in 2040, ocean levels will be 0.7 feet taller. In 2080, the water levels in Miami will have risen 2.3 feet. Finally, by 2100, water levels in Miami will be 3.4 feet higher than they are now.

New Orleans: Everyone is always talking about how Florida will be swallowed up by 2050, but no one thinks about the city that is already below sea level. In 2020, water levels will have risen 0.3 feet. A small number, but in 2040, water levels will be 1.3 feet higher than they are now. In 2080, ocean levels in New Orleans will have risen 4 feet higher. And, in 2100, sea levels will be 5.7 feet higher than they are now. Crazy right?!

The link to the article is below. I think current events is so cool because we get to learn things we would not learn in a math class or history class.

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