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PRIED’s approach in education aims to create connections between academic disciplines and the real world.  Whether it be language arts or science, PRIED strives to develop engaged 21st century citizens.


Curriculum covered includes Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Geometry.  Algebra II is available if students progress beyond middle school math.  Math at PRIED enables individualized student advancement.  Using the Flipped Classroom model students begin new math concepts at home through instructional videos.  What was traditionally done as homework, is now done in the classroom with personalized guidance. This inverted, individualized approach creates an environment facilitating student learning, and mastery.  Resources such as Khan Academy, Pearson Textbooks and 3-2-1 Strategy are used. Real-world math projects are integrated into school work and statistical analysis applies math to current world events.

Language Arts

Utilizing the comprehensive Cover Story curriculum, students explore writing in creating poetry, blog posts, short stories, persuasive essays, and non-fiction research articles.  Students will create an on-line portfolio to exhibit their work.  In addition to writing, students will develop public and extemporaneous speaking skills. 


Combining PASCO scientific technology/software with the Key Concepts in Science curriculum, students will engage in an inquiry-based study of Earth, Life and Physical Science.  Students will take sensors into the field to acquire data from expeditionary trips.  Data collected will be used to gain understanding into the Earth’s environment.  Next Generation Science Standards guide our curriculum. 


PRIED students explore culture in both present and historical forms.  Reviews of global current events are incorporated into daily studies. An understanding of the articles chosen is deepened through the use of Google Earth as well as facilitated discussions and statistical analysis.  History is presented through literature and then explored through student-centered projects. Expeditionary learning trips extend the students’ understanding of history and culture, providing in-depth opportunities to make connections with their world.

Foreign Language

PRIED’s foreign language program joins didactic learning with foreign language coaches.  Deeper learning is encouraged as each student selects a language and culture for their study.  Duolingo applications and time spent with foreign language educators enables individualized study.

Throughout all the above, PRIED plans frequent formative assessments thereby ensuring its aim in advancing the best in contemporary adolescent education.

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