D.C. Trip

On Wednesday and Thursday we went to D.C.. On the trip we went on a bike tour, saw Bernie Sanders give a speech, and went to the the U.S. Capitol and a museum. When we first arrived in D.C. we went on a bike tour of D.C.’s monuments. While on our way to a tour at the U.S. Capitol, we found Bernie Sanders speaking about climate change. It was really cool to see him give a speech. After Bernie’s speech we went to the Capitol, and our tour guide brought us to an underground subway. The subway connected the Russell Senate Office Building to the U.S. Capitol. Then we took a tour of the U.S. Capitol which was really interesting. I really liked seeing where everything used to be and where they held their meetings. My favorite part about the trip was going to the Newseum. We only got to see one section in the museum, but it was still awesome. The section we saw was based on the FBI fighting terrorism. The museum was amazing, and I am excited to go back and do all of the other sections. Overall, D.C. was a really fun trip, and I am looking forward to going back.

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