Fonthill Field Trip

On Monday we went on a field trip for art class to the Fonthill Castle and Tileworks. There we got to learn how handmade ceramics/tiles are made. First, the Tileworks gets a shipment of clay every September. Before they can start making the actual tiles they have to make the molds. Once the molds are made, they take clay and push it into the mold. It sits for a few minutes, and when it is ready, they take it out of the mold. They then take a tool to round the edges so that they are smooth when they come out of the kiln. Next, the clay goes in the kiln, and when it comes out, it is painted and glazed. After it is painted and glazed, it goes into the kiln one last time. When it comes out, you have your tile! This field trip was very informative and exciting, and I would love to go back someday.

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