Harvard Tour

When we went to Boston, we took a tour of Harvard. Our tour guide was a senior and told us about the history of Harvard and how the stereotypes of Harvard are wrong.

First, she explained to us that the stereotype of being a strictly academic school is incorrect. When you apply to Harvard, you have to be a few things. You have to be a leader around your current school. You also have to give back to your community and lead a couple of school clubs. Additionally, you need to be very bright and diverse. Our tour guide told us a story of when she applied to Harvard. She told us that she had applied even though she was 10th in her class. She was not expecting to get in because there were so many people in front of her, and they were all applying too. She received a letter of acceptance, while the 10 students ahead of her did not. This was because the ten students ahead of her were all academic “robots” and were not as well-rounded as she was. She, however, was a leader in her community, led three clubs, including the National Honor Society, at her high school, played a musical instrument and shared her talents with local assisted living homes, and was very friendly.

Another thing from our tour that really sparked my interest was the “Statue of Three Lies,” as it is known on campus. This is because 1) The statue says that it is of John Harvard, but it is actually just a man that was seen on campus by the artist, 2) It states that John Harvard is the founder of Harvard, but he is not 3) The year that the statue states Harvard was founded is incorrect.

Here are a few facts that I learned from our tour guide while at Harvard:

About 21,000 students attend Harvard College. Also, the acceptance rate is 5.2%. Another fact our guide told us is that there are 70 libraries on the Harvard campus. I also learned that the Massachusetts Bay Colony founded Harvard College. Barak Obama attended Harvard, along with Matt Damon, John Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Theodore Roosevelt, John F Kennedy, and many more.

There was so much history at Harvard. It was also a beautiful campus. I hope I enter a college as interesting, unique, and beautiful as Harvard!

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