Our progressively complex and interdependent world has brought new thought in best educating today’s children for tomorrow. New neuro-scientific studies and neuro-cognitive insights are reshaping our understanding in the science of the adolescent mind. At this same time, scholastic educational technology continues to advance and expand in rapid pace. These contemporary resources are directing global innovative thought in adolescent education. This new thought is bringing contemporary perspectives and changes to schools around the world.

The Program for Rigor and Innovation in Education, PRIED has been studying the advances in adolescent cognition and education. Specifically, PRIED acknowledges the value of change to adolescent-focused teaching structures and methods. Still, historical norms in areas such as curriculum subject-matter are well-established. Hence, PRIED will be a school expressing both the best in traditional educational rigor, while utilizing the best in contemporary educational thought.

Please view the videos below for reference and further insights about contemporary, innovative developments in adolescent education around the world…


Speaker: Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned educationalist

Message: PRIED shares Sir Robinson’s perspective that childhood education functions best in a learning environment that appreciates the diversity, curiosity, and creativity in each child.

A TED Talk with over 2 million views to date.

Watch his TED talk

Speaker: Salman Khan, creator of the Khan Academy, and internationally used, web-based educational medium with nearly 1.5 million subscribers. Salman holds 3 degrees from MIT , as well as an MBA from Harvard. His work in education is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, as well as MBNA.

Message: A model of the capabilities, applicability, and potential of 21st century scholastic technology. PRIED will incorporate Khan Academy scholastics.

Watch his TED talk


Speaker: Sugata Mitra, internationally referenced, and government research funded, Professor of Educational Technology

Message: A precedent for PRIED’s aim to synthesize childhood creativity, self-directed teaching, and educational technology.

Watch his TED talk


Speaker: Sarah Jayne Blakemore, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience. A neuro-cognitive researcher and global expert on adolescent cognitive development.

Message: Neuro-cognitive research explicates the uniqueness of adolescent cognitive development and the adolescent mind. PRIED strives to best understand these insights, to then best educate adolescents.

Watch her TED talk


Speaker: Geoff Mulgan, Chief Executive of the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts; CEO of the Young Foundation; policy advisor to former Prime Minister Tony Blair

Message: An example of a contemporary innovative adolescent school, meeting with much success. An impetus and model for PRIED’s approach.

Watch his TED talk