This week, I finished the 777 page textbook we are using for math! I am so excited that I finished. I started last year on page one, and kept on moving through the book. To learn Algebra 1, I was taught using flipped math. Here is how it works:

For homework, I was given a video to watch. It was a video from Khan Academy or another source explaining a new concept, formula, term, or many other things. Then, after I watched the video, I read 2-5 pages in the textbook that also explained the term. These two actions together served as my lesson for the next segment in the book. Over the course of the year I found that it was easier to read the textbook assignment first, then watch the video. This way, I would read the book, if I needed clarification on the concept I could watch the video. If I felt strong about the new section, I could watch a little of the video and continue moving on with the rest of my math homework.

The next step in completing my math homework was to take 3,2,1 notes. In my notebook, I wrote down three things I learned, two questions I have about the new math, and one example problem. This helps my teacher see what I learned and what I am confused about.

The next day for classwork, I would complete example problems using the new math that I learned the night before. If I needed help with the problems, my teacher was more than happy to give me a mini lesson to help me learn the concept better.

This is the way I was taught Algebra I. I really enjoyed flipped math because I was always able to ask for help and learn in a way that I understood. I know that I will miss the learning style next year!

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