Thursday morning we all met at the train station with our bags stuffed so much the zippers almost broke. Why? We were headed to New York City to see STOMP (an off broadway show where they make music with household objects), tour the New York Supreme Court, and tour NBC Studios. When we arrived in New York we went to the Supreme Court where a man who worked there explained how the court systems work. Next, he led us into a room where we got to watch a real criminal trial!
After that, we went and got lunch, and then we went to our hotel. That night, we saw STOMP. It was truly amazing! My favorite part was when they made an entire song out of clicking lighters. It was dark in the theater so all you could see was each tiny flame lighting up and then going out. The next day we had breakfast at a diner where the waiters and waitresses sing classic songs while you eat. It was really amazing. After breakfast we went to NBC Studios for our tour. We got to see sets of many different popular TV shows and even created our own talk show! In all, this trip was just fascinating, and I hope to do something like it again in the future.

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