Philadelphia Zoo

Yesterday, we went to the Philadelphia Zoo.  We went for the celebration of the UNLESS Contest and also to find out what place, of five finalists, we earned.  It was not at all what I expected.  They said that you can come anytime between 9:30 and 11:00, but I thought they meant that the ceremony itself started at 11:00.  Instead, it was a roll in.  We signed in at the Zo0 and got wristbands.  Then we went to “Balloon Plaza.”  There were a lot of people at the Plaza (all Zoo employees), and they all clapped for us after we signed in there.  We went up onto a little stage and had pictures taken.  One of the ladies told everybody a little about our project.  She said what we collected and how much.  Everybody clapped again, and then we found out that we got second place!!!!!!!!  Then we were allowed to leave and explore the Zoo.  We walked around the Zoo and had enough time to see everything except for the primates.  We also got to feed the lorikeets for free because we participated in the UNLESS Contest.  I enjoyed our visit to the Zoo, and I am really proud that we got 2nd place!  We also won $750 and plan to use it for a volunteer trip to Costa Rica that focuses on sea turtle conservation.

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