School Year 6/4/15

I had so much fun at school this year. We did all kinds of projects and experiments. We went on so many cool field trips. We had a lot of fun lessons too. Overall, I’d say PRIED’s first school year was a blast!

In the beginning of the year, we were figuring out how we were going to spend our time at school. We were still deciding what specials to have, but that didn’t take very long. About a month into the school year, we were taking yoga classes, attending foreign language lessons and thinking about possible art lessons. We were doing so much, and it was only a few months since the first day of school.

We were also learning new math. With our new math system called Flipped Math, I was learning math pretty quickly. I learned so many new things in math this year. Now I like it a little more!

Our science curriculum started a little late, but we still learned a ton. We learned about earth’s water and energy, along with space and the universe. We also went on a field trip to a landfill where we watched garbage become energy. That was pretty cool!

Our school year was a ton of fun. Our field trips were super interactive and interesting too. Our ferry ride to Ellis Island was so pretty. The Holocaust museum was very realistic and fascinating, yet very sad. It is amazing when you read all the individual stories about different victims of the War.

PRIED was a great school for me. I was able to learn at my own pace, while still making sure I was up to speed with my studies. I can’t wait for school next year!

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