In Spanish, we are learning how to use different adverbs to construct an essay. The essay will be written completely in Spanish. We are to use words like, “despu├ęs” which means “then.” Also, our essay topic is very fun. Because the chapter we are studying in our textbook (chapter 7) is about the daily routine, our essay prompt is to write about our daily routine in a certain place. I am writing about what the daily routine would be like if you lived in the North Pole. My classmate is writing about the daily routine in an underwater village.

Again, our essays will be written in all Spanish. We need to answer questions like, “How do you eat if your house is underwater?” or “How do you cook food in freezing temperatures?”

I am really excited to write my essay. This is our first big writing project for Spanish, and I think it will be a lot of fun to be creative and come up with ways to do every day things in another place, all while using my Spanish vocabulary!

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