The Mütter Museum

Last Wednesday we went on a field trip to the Mütter Museum for science. One of the exhibits that really caught my attention was a woman’s body that had basically turned to soap. When she was first discovered, people thought that she had turned to stone. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that instead her fat had turned to soap. Soap is made out of fats, and when she died, her body fat turned into soap, and she was named the Soap Lady. After we looked around the museum we went to a class where we learned how to tell human skeletons apart. Caucasian and European skulls have sunglass shaped eyeholes, whereas African American skulls have square ones. We also learned how to find the gender from the skull. Male skulls have knookles, or dents, in the back of the skull which you can see on a bald man’s head. In all, this field trip was a great learning experience, and most of us really enjoyed it.

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