The Unless Project

About a week ago, we went to WMS and taught the six to nines about water. We set up five stations with five different lessons to teach them about the impact they have on water. The teachers split the children into the correct number of groups with either six or seven people, and they rotated around the stations. At the station I was in charge of, I was teaching about the food web. Many of the children already knew what the food chain was, so it wasn’t terribly difficult to get them to understand the basics of it. I had a small food web set up on the table connecting a mouse, snake, hawk, and owl. After explaining how these four animals were connected, I sat them on the floor to create a food web with them. I passed out stuffed animals which were a flower, a bug/macroinvertebrate, a fish, a raccoon, a hawk, a kingfisher, and a mushroom. However, the number of children in each group was uneven so not all of the animals I had were always used. We talked about which animals eat which, and passed around a ball of yarn to connect the animals. After we were done, they continued rotation around the stations. I hope that these kids learned something from the project and are able to make a difference in their communities.

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