Fonthill Castle and Tile Works

Today we went on a field trip to Fonthill┬áCastle and the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works. Both of these buildings were founded and used by Henry Chapman Mercer, an amazing tile maker. He built the castle to live in, but wanted it to be a museum once he died. Even though he wasn’t an architect, he designed the whole house himself. He also built it of concrete, for there was no chance that it would ever burn down. He did this because his uncle owned a large museum filled with sets of armor, but it ended up burning down. Mercer wanted to do everything in his power to avoid this. Throughout the castle, you can see many examples of his works, and even the ceilings are covered in tiles. I think this was an amazing way to build a house. One thing I found funny was that the castle included five bedrooms in total (with only two being on regular use by the housekeeper and Mercer), and each one connected to a separate bathroom. These bathrooms still connected to rest of the house, so whenever you found a bathroom you knew the next room would be a bedroom, and vise versa. Something else that was funny was that most of the house seemed like a maze. There was one intersection that branched off in ten different ways! I couldn’t imagine trying to live there, let alone work there. I felt kind of bad for the tour guides.
Overall, this was an amazing trip, and I would love to go back again to see the parts we were unable to see this time!

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