Washington, D.C.

Last week our class went on an overnight field trip to Washington, D.C.. We went to many interesting places, and did many exciting things, but my favorite was going on a bike tour of many important monuments. At the beginning of the tour, we saw the Eisenhower building, and we learned that the man who built it didn’t even get paid because many people said it was the ugliest building ever made. We also learned that when people say they work at the White House, 90% of them actually work there, in the Eisenhower building. We also visited the Washington Monument, as well as the memorials for Jefferson, FDR, and Martin Luther King Junior. Each memorial had a different style, as it was designed so that the person it was honoring would have appreciated it. For example, Thomas Jefferson loved rotundas, so the architects of his memorial decided to incorporate one in the design. Another interesting thing about Jefferson’s memorial is that the statue of him is staring at the statue of his lifelong enemy, Alexander Hamilton. After visiting MLK’s memorial, we biked to the famed Lincoln memorial and to the Vietnam and Korean War memorials. I believe that biking is a great way to explore these monuments as it takes less time and is less tiresome than traveling to each monument on foot. If you aren’t tired, you will be able to better appreciate each monument.

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