Washington D.C. Trip

On Wednesday and Thursday PRIED went to Washington, D.C.. First, we went to the D.C. District Court and saw a portion of a criminal trial.  Also, while we were at the courts, we met two judges and were able to ask them questions about the legal system and their jobs.  The second thing we did was a night bike tour of the monuments.  Some of the monuments we saw were the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Jefferson Memorial.  On Thursday we went to the Capitol building and got a tour from an intern that works for Senator Chris Coons.  On the tour we saw the old Supreme Court room, the old Senate floor, and the rotunda.  Later that day we went to the Newseum.  At the Newseum we saw the FBI exhibit.  In the exhibit there were hacking stories, terrorist stories, and kidnapping stories.  I really hope we do this again.  

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D.C. Trip

On Wednesday and Thursday we went to D.C.. On the trip we went on a bike tour, saw Bernie Sanders give a speech, and went to the the U.S. Capitol and a museum. When we first arrived in D.C. we went on a bike tour of D.C.’s monuments. While on our way to a tour at the U.S. Capitol, we found Bernie Sanders speaking about climate change. It was really cool to see him give a speech. After Bernie’s speech we went to the Capitol, and our tour guide brought us to an underground subway. The subway connected the Russell Senate Office Building to the U.S. Capitol. Then we took a tour of the U.S. Capitol which was really interesting. I really liked seeing where everything used to be and where they held their meetings. My favorite part about the trip was going to the Newseum. We only got to see one section in the museum, but it was still awesome. The section we saw was based on the FBI fighting terrorism. The museum was amazing, and I am excited to go back and do all of the other sections. Overall, D.C. was a really fun trip, and I am looking forward to going back.

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Washington, D.C.

Last week our class went on an overnight field trip to Washington, D.C.. We went to many interesting places, and did many exciting things, but my favorite was going on a bike tour of many important monuments. At the beginning of the tour, we saw the Eisenhower building, and we learned that the man who built it didn’t even get paid because many people said it was the ugliest building ever made. We also learned that when people say they work at the White House, 90% of them actually work there, in the Eisenhower building. We also visited the Washington Monument, as well as the memorials for Jefferson, FDR, and Martin Luther King Junior. Each memorial had a different style, as it was designed so that the person it was honoring would have appreciated it. For example, Thomas Jefferson loved rotundas, so the architects of his memorial decided to incorporate one in the design. Another interesting thing about Jefferson’s memorial is that the statue of him is staring at the statue of his lifelong enemy, Alexander Hamilton. After visiting MLK’s memorial, we biked to the famed Lincoln memorial and to the Vietnam and Korean War memorials. I believe that biking is a great way to explore these monuments as it takes less time and is less tiresome than traveling to each monument on foot. If you aren’t tired, you will be able to better appreciate each monument.

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Washington, D.C. Trip

Last Wednesday, PRIED went on an expeditionary learning trip to Washington, D.C.. We arrived in the morning and went to the Supreme Court. We were not able to get in to hear an oral argument so we changed plans and visited two D.C. District Court judges. The first judge attended Harvard and was in the military. He said he loved to read books on history and that was a big reason he wanted to become a lawyer and judge. The next judge we saw talked about watching what we posted on social media because it can come back and haunt you. She said that she dealt with many child abuse cases and that they were always the hardest. Next, we sat in on a case between two employees at a nail salon. The case was about how one employee threatened the other with a weapon. He thought that the threatened employee was stealing his customers. At the end of the day we took a bike tour and saw all the monuments in D.C. We saw the White House, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln memorial, the F.D.R memorial, Martin Luther King Jr.’s memorial, and many others. The next morning we took a tour of the Capitol Building. We saw where the senators worked, the rotunda, where Congress would meet, the room where the budget was discussed, and many other things. After the Capitol Building, we went into the Newseum. There we learned about terrorist bombings and the FBI. We also learned about hacking. This trip was a great learning experience, and I really enjoyed it.  

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Washington, D.C.

You thought we were stopping at New York City? Well think again because last week we went on another amazing field trip. This time we went to Washington, D.C.. While there, we tried to get into the Supreme Court, talked with some judges, went on a bike tour of the city, saw Bernie Sanders, went on a tour of the Capitol Building, and visited the Newseum.

Once we got off the train into Washington, D.C., we walked straight to the Supreme Court and got in line to view a hearing. The line was already enormous and spilled off of the stairs and a good ways down the sidewalk. Sadly, we ended up waiting in line for two hours and didn’t get in. What is really angering about this is that we were the next people in line!

After the mishap at the Supreme Court, we got lunch and contacted Ethyl’s brother, Ofair, who was able to get in touch in two judges for us to talk to. They were both very nice, and we got to know a lot about what it is like to be a judge. Something that I found really interesting and inspiring is that both of them said they became lawyers and untimely judges for the same reasons. They chose this profession because they felt that they wanted to make a difference in the world for the greater good.

The last thing we did that day was go on a bike tour to see some of the most inportant landmarks in the city. These included places like the Washington monument, the Jefferson memorial, the Lincon memorial, and the the Martin Luther King memorial. My favorite of these was the Jefferson memorial, as it was right next to a body of water, and it was incredibly beautiful to see the sunset reflect in it. After we finished the bike tour we went back to the hotel for some much needed rest.

The next day we ate breakfast and left for a tour of the Capitol Building, only to stumble upon a speech by Bernie Sanders! This was definitely a surprise and really interesting to listen to. We stayed for a few minutes before continuing on to on to the Capitol. Once there, we went through security and walked over to Senator Coons’ office where one of his interns , Mikey, showed us around. One of the things I enjoyed the most was seeing all of the paintings and architecture of the building itself. I found it very impressive how big and intricate these paintings were and how beautiful the ceilings and tiles were.

After leaving the Capitol Building we walked over to the Newseum. One there, we ate lunch and then headed over to the theatre they had to see a 4D movie. We ended up waiting in line, and once we got in they couldn’t start the movie, and we had to leave. This was certainly the trip of waiting in lines with no reward, but luckily the FBI and Berlin Wall exhibits were amazing made up for missing the movie!

After leaving the museum we took the metro to the train station and came back home. Overall, this was an exciting trip, but it was very tiring. I had a lot of fun and hope we can go back to visit the two places we missed out on this time.

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New York City

On Thursday March 30th  and Friday March 31st PRIED was in New York City.  While we were in New York, we went to the New York Supreme Court, Stomp, and the NBC Studios Tour.  At the New York Supreme Court, we were given a tour that included a talk about the different types of courts and the kinds of cases that they work on.  We also saw a real court case.  While watching Stomp it was so cool to see how everyday objects can be turned into instruments.  The next day we went to the NBC Studios Tour.  At the NBC Studios Tour we saw where they taped the Nightly News, the Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live.  I would say this has been the best class trip so far.

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Thursday morning we all met at the train station with our bags stuffed so much the zippers almost broke. Why? We were headed to New York City to see STOMP (an off broadway show where they make music with household objects), tour the New York Supreme Court, and tour NBC Studios. When we arrived in New York we went to the Supreme Court where a man who worked there explained how the court systems work. Next, he led us into a room where we got to watch a real criminal trial!
After that, we went and got lunch, and then we went to our hotel. That night, we saw STOMP. It was truly amazing! My favorite part was when they made an entire song out of clicking lighters. It was dark in the theater so all you could see was each tiny flame lighting up and then going out. The next day we had breakfast at a diner where the waiters and waitresses sing classic songs while you eat. It was really amazing. After breakfast we went to NBC Studios for our tour. We got to see sets of many different popular TV shows and even created our own talk show! In all, this trip was just fascinating, and I hope to do something like it again in the future.

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New York Overnight

This past week, PRIED went on an overnight expeditionary learning trip to New York City. New York is one of my personal favorite places to visit so this was probably the most fun I’ve had on any field trip this year. Thursday started with a visit to the New York State Supreme Court. There, we learned the exact steps that everyone involved in a criminal trial goes through. We even got to witness a real-life trial as it was happening. I, for one, had no idea there were so many specific rules for what lawyers could and could not say/do. For example, when the prosecutor or defense lawyer is questioning a witness, they may only ask questions. They can’t make any statements, and if they say something without putting it in the form of a question, the other lawyer can object, and the judge will ask them to ask it in a question. There are so many things about our judicial system that I didn’t know so I loved getting to experience it all first hand.

That night we went to see the off-broadway production of STOMP. STOMP was absolutely incredible!!!! I can’t believe the musical and physical abilities of the performers. I also could not believe the amount of different sounds you can create with everyday objects. It looked like so much fun to be up there making an awesome soundtrack out of brooms, trash cans, lighters and so much more. I would have tried it myself at home if I didn’t fear hearing loss (I have a feeling my version would be very loud and off key). I think I’m speaking for everyone in that audience when I say WOW! I was pretty much speechless. Now I’m so pumped to start the next unit in music which will be about street music like STOMP.

The next day we woke up just in time for brunch at Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Ellen’s Stardust Diner is your average diner… Broadway style! All the staff are aspiring or professional broadway actors hoping to further their knowledge of their art. Each will perform a show-tune every few minutes singing and dancing on and around the tables. Every hour or so they take tips. The only catch about the tips is that they have to use them towards singing, dancing, or acting lessons (only things that will get them closer to their broadway dream). I thought this was a really cool idea, and I think everyone sitting at my table donated some.

As for our last adventure, we went to visit the infamous NBC Studios for a tour of several sets and a chance to create a clip from our own TV show. We started off by checking out the set of Nightly News with Lester Holt. Something I found really interesting about this set in particular was that it is what the hipster people of NBC call a “hot set.” This means that at any time that there is breaking news, this set can get up and operating within minutes. I can’t imagine the amount of staff they must have on-call at any given time just to make sure the set is always ready to go live. The next set we saw was surely my favorite set. The real set of SNL! I actually can’t believe I was standing within 60 feet of the backdrop for the cold open! Not to mention the lighting… if you want to talk about a lot (and I mean, like, millions) of lights! There was a copious amount of varied sized spotlights just hanging from the ceiling. I couldn’t help but think about how many hours it took to install them let alone all the people working behind the scenes operating them so the lighting is always just right. Our last set at NBC was the set of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. After checking it out, we were to create a clip from our own version of a late night talk show. We played the host, guest, announcer, band and some of us even got to be in the backstage crew! I was on audio which was sooo much fun! I felt like a professional, even if my work can’t back that up, it was a blast anyway.

Did I say that was the last adventure? Well, I lied. I think getting to our bus home in the rain in New York rush hour traffic was one of the biggest adventures of all. But what is a field trip without a transportation mishap and a near-heart attack? Boring. Well that sums it up. Another trip that didn’t disappoint.

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New York

Last Friday we took an overnight trip to New York City. On the first day, we visited the Supreme Court and got to sit in on a trial. While we were there, a guide told us about the court system and how different parts of it work. For example, we learned what sort of things happen in family court and how those differ from civil court. That night we went to see a show called Stomp. In this show, there are performers who create music using everyday objects. There is little to no dialogue in this show, apart from the occasional exclamation or “hey!”. Some of the ways they make music in this show are incredibly creative. For example, for one song they had a bunch of tubes and were drumming on those. There was another song where they were strapped onto the walls and were drumming on various objects attached to the walls. The next day we went to Ellen’s Stardust Diner for lunch. In this diner all of the employees are performers and have either been on Broadway or are trying to get on Broadway. Throughout your meal, they will sing for you. These songs can be from movies, from Broadway, or just songs you’d normally hear on the radio. After that, we went on a tour of NBC studios. While there, they showed us around a few different studios and told us about the history of the building and the company. After the tour, we were able to make our own show. This was really fun to do, and I’m excited to see the final project which was emailed to us. Overall, this was an amazing trip, probably the best, and I’m excited for our next trip to Washington D.C.

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The Unless Project

About a week ago, we went to WMS and taught the six to nines about water. We set up five stations with five different lessons to teach them about the impact they have on water. The teachers split the children into the correct number of groups with either six or seven people, and they rotated around the stations. At the station I was in charge of, I was teaching about the food web. Many of the children already knew what the food chain was, so it wasn’t terribly difficult to get them to understand the basics of it. I had a small food web set up on the table connecting a mouse, snake, hawk, and owl. After explaining how these four animals were connected, I sat them on the floor to create a food web with them. I passed out stuffed animals which were a flower, a bug/macroinvertebrate, a fish, a raccoon, a hawk, a kingfisher, and a mushroom. However, the number of children in each group was uneven so not all of the animals I had were always used. We talked about which animals eat which, and passed around a ball of yarn to connect the animals. After we were done, they continued rotation around the stations. I hope that these kids learned something from the project and are able to make a difference in their communities.

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