Washington D.C. Trip

On Wednesday and Thursday PRIED went to Washington, D.C.. First, we went to the D.C. District Court and saw a portion of a criminal trial.  Also, while we were at the courts, we met two judges and were able to ask them questions about the legal system and their jobs.  The second thing we did was a night bike tour of the monuments.  Some of the monuments we saw were the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Jefferson Memorial.  On Thursday we went to the Capitol building and got a tour from an intern that works for Senator Chris Coons.  On the tour we saw the old Supreme Court room, the old Senate floor, and the rotunda.  Later that day we went to the Newseum.  At the Newseum we saw the FBI exhibit.  In the exhibit there were hacking stories, terrorist stories, and kidnapping stories.  I really hope we do this again.  

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New York City

On Thursday March 30th  and Friday March 31st PRIED was in New York City.  While we were in New York, we went to the New York Supreme Court, Stomp, and the NBC Studios Tour.  At the New York Supreme Court, we were given a tour that included a talk about the different types of courts and the kinds of cases that they work on.  We also saw a real court case.  While watching Stomp it was so cool to see how everyday objects can be turned into instruments.  The next day we went to the NBC Studios Tour.  At the NBC Studios Tour we saw where they taped the Nightly News, the Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live.  I would say this has been the best class trip so far.

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Mercer Museum Trip

On Monday we went to the Mercer Museum.  While we were on the tour we saw the tiles Henry Mercer  made and where he put them in his house.  After the tour we went to the tile factory that Henry Mercer built.  We saw a video on the process of making the tiles.  We also saw a live demonstration of tile making. We saw the tile maker press the tile using a mold. We also saw how they remove and dry the tiles.  We are now going to make our own tiles in art class, and I am so excited to do this.




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Artist Trading Cards

Last Friday we traded our artist trading cards among the class.  Artist trading cards are cards that artists create to trade with other artists.  We had to send out e-mails or letters to people who we thought would sent us cards back.  We have been working on these cards for four weeks.  It was so fun to make them,  and I’m excited to see what cards we get back from people around the globe!

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Mütter Museum Trip

Right before PRIED’s winter break we went to Philadelphia and visited the Mütter Museum.  When we got there we explored the exhibits.  After that we did a class where we learned bone identification. In the bone identification we earned how to find age, race, gender, and height from skulls and bones.  We found them by looking at the eye shape, the jaw line, and how wide the pelvis is.  To find the height of a person you need to plug measurements into an equation.  When we were finished we visited the Alice and Wonderland exhibit.  My favorite part of the museum was the fetuses in the jars at different ages.  

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New York Trip

We traveled to New York City on 11/21/16.  The first thing we did was go to the 9/11 memorial and museum. We spent some time outside next to the pools, and then we went inside the museum. Inside the museum we first went inside a classroom and learned some background information about the 911 attacks. Then we explored the museum by looking at four different artifacts and filling out a graphic organizer to help gather our thoughts. We had to fill out squares on a sheet of paper about materials in the museum.  When we were finished at the museum we had a Wall Street walking tour.  We walked from the museum to Wall Street.  On the tour we saw the New York Stock Exchange, the bull, and  Alexander Hamilton’s grave.

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Math League

We are preparing for our first math league meet which is Monday, November 14th. After working on practice questions for about a week, the time has finally come. Once a month we go to Immaculate Heart of Mary and compete for an hour with our teams. At PRIED we have two teams, the 6-7th grade team and the 8th grade team. I am so excited for this to start.

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Art Project

A couple weeks ago we finished our first art project. What we had to do was use recycled art materials to spell out PRIED ART. I did the letter “A,” and I used cardboard, paint, plastic lids, plastic cups, sea shells, thimbles, and erasers. It took us about one month to complete this project. The project took a lot of trial and error. I think that the finished product looks great!

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Canoe Trip

A few weeks ago we went canoeing for science. The reason we went on the canoe trip was because we wanted to see how good the water quality was in the Brandywine creek. We found macroinvertebrates to tell if the water quality was good or bad. We used nets to get the macroinvertebrates and scraped off rocks so they would get on the net. We took the macroinvertebrates off the net by using paintbrushes and then organized them into ice cube trays. We used charts and found out the water quality was excellent. I think this was a very good learning experience.

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Music Project

Last week we had to share our music project with the class. What we had to do was listen to Boom de ya da and put our own lyrics in. For the verses we had to sing about things we love. For the last verse we had to sing with our partner about things we both love. We had to use garageband to record our voices and iMovie to insert our pictures then add our voice track in.  We also had an option to put our project on YouTube.  That is what we did for our first music project, and I really enjoyed it.

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