Mütter Museum

On Wednesday our class took a trip to the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. At the museum we saw many fascinating, and sometimes disturbing, exhibits. These exhibits range from pathological specimens and wax models to old surgical implements and objects removed from people. The museum also had a variety of medical oddities one of which is the model of Chang and Eng who were conjoined twins born in modern day Thailand in 1811. During their life they married sisters and had a total of 21 children before dying in 1874. After we looked around the museum we had a class about forensic anthropology and bone identification and classification. I really enjoyed our trip to the Mütter Museum and learned a ton.

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Science Field Trip

Last week my peers and I went on a science field trip to the Laurels and to Anson B. Nixon Park. At the Laurels we went for a hike and observed many birds and types of plants such as cardinals, white oak and low brush blueberry. At both the Laurels and Anson B. Nixon we took soil samples and found out that the soil at the Laurels was much lighter than the other soil sample. At Anson B Nixon we explored the ponds and caught critters in the ponds. We only found very few animals concluding that the pond was pretty unhealthy.

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Ramsey Farm

Last week my peers and I went to Ramsey Farm where we took part in the Bio Blitz fair to calculate the biodiversity in the area. In this program we observed the plants and animals and reported our findings to an app where scientists look at the data to see where different things live across national parks in the U.S.. During this trip we went through a few different stations where we identified plants and birds with guides. This was a really good way to notice what kinds of things are living around us. It was also a great way to get some sunshine!

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Film Class

Last week my peers and I edited a small movie for film class. This was one of my favorite things because we all got the same clips to edit but no rules on the way it had to be edited. This was very interesting because we got to see how different people edited it. I now realize how using a different shot or angle really changes the message of the film. This was also a great way for all of us to get more comfortable with using the editing programs. Overall, this was an informative and fun project.

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During the trip to Boston we went to Salem where we went on a trolley tour and to the Salem Witch Museum. This was a great experience for my peers and I because we were able to see where all the things we have been learning about took place. In the trolley tour we were able to see the town of Salem and a brief history of the area. We learned that there are many beaches in Salem. The trolley tour told us a lot about some of the major tourist attractions in the area. We also saw local shops and houses and learned about the rich history of the city.

The museum was a wonderful experience. First we saw an exhibit that told us about the witch trials that accorded from 1692-1693. I was able to connect this to The Witch of Blackbird Pond, a book we are listening to in school, and a webquest that we completed about the Salem witch trials. After this we had a short tour of the museum where we learned about witches throughout history. We learned about how witches have been stereotyped over the years. The witches that we think of today, with a pointy hat and green skin, were never seen before The Wizard of OZ. I also learned that the Wicca religion has no devil and that their religion mostly revolves around nature and the change in seasons. I think that this was a very educational experience, and I look forward to more trips like this in the future.

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Spring Break Spanish Project

Over spring break I learned about Mario Molina for a Spanish project. I really enjoyed learning about a latino person that is involved with what we are learning in class. We are learning about Universities, and he attended la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México where he studied to become a chemist. We also wrote about what university we want to got to and what we want to study there. In general, I really liked the whole project and enjoyed that it combined Spanish culture, language, and personal choice.

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The Three Components of Film

One thing that I enjoyed a lot last week was film class. We learned about the three different components of film: ISO, aperture, and W/B (white balance). ISO controls the sensitivity of the camera’s sensor. Aperture it the amount of light let into the camera. The amount of light let into the camera is measured in Fs (F stops). White balance is how blue or yellow the white is. Another thing that we learned about is depth of field and how your aptitude affects it. The whole class was not only educational, but it was also very enjoyable.

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Field Trip to the Maryland Science Center

Last week one of the things that we did was going to the Maryland Science Center for a field trip. The whole trip was amazing and was very educational. I learned a lot through all the experiments and activities. One of my favorite things that we did was the film about tornados. The reason I liked this so much is because my uncle lives in Oklahoma, and he is a tornado chaser. My mom also grew up in Oklahoma, and I have always been interested in tornados and how they form. This film was a good way for me to get some more information about that type of thing. We did many other things, but that was just one of the things that was very interesting to me.

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Constitution Center Field Trip

During our field trip to the Constitution Center I learned a lot of new things, but one of the things that stuck out to me was about women’s voting rights. I have always known that women were first allowed to vote in 1920, but what I did not know was that Wyoming was the first state that allowed women to vote prior to 1920. Although it was first legal to have women vote in New Jersey, that law also stated that you needed to be a landowner in order to vote. Once New Jersey allowed women to be landowners, they quickly changed the law so that women could no longer legally vote. I think that this is so interesting mostly because New Jersey made a law about voting that did not explicitly state that women could not vote, and once they were able to, they changed the law back. The whole day at the Constitution Center was very informational and overall just a great experience!

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Programs We are Working to Help

One of the things that we have done recently is raise money for charity by babysitting. We had a game and movie night for younger children. All the money that we raised will go towards buying a Life Saver Bottle. Life Saver Bottles are water bottles that have a filter built into them so that people living in places that do not have access to clean water can drink the water that they have available without getting sick. We have also donated food to the Sunday Breakfast Mission. I love raising money and donating to organizations because I think that it is very important to give to others!

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