Washington, D.C. Trip

Last Wednesday, PRIED went on an expeditionary learning trip to Washington, D.C.. We arrived in the morning and went to the Supreme Court. We were not able to get in to hear an oral argument so we changed plans and visited two D.C. District Court judges. The first judge attended Harvard and was in the military. He said he loved to read books on history and that was a big reason he wanted to become a lawyer and judge. The next judge we saw talked about watching what we posted on social media because it can come back and haunt you. She said that she dealt with many child abuse cases and that they were always the hardest. Next, we sat in on a case between two employees at a nail salon. The case was about how one employee threatened the other with a weapon. He thought that the threatened employee was stealing his customers. At the end of the day we took a bike tour and saw all the monuments in D.C. We saw the White House, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln memorial, the F.D.R memorial, Martin Luther King Jr.’s memorial, and many others. The next morning we took a tour of the Capitol Building. We saw where the senators worked, the rotunda, where Congress would meet, the room where the budget was discussed, and many other things. After the Capitol Building, we went into the Newseum. There we learned about terrorist bombings and the FBI. We also learned about hacking. This trip was a great learning experience, and I really enjoyed it.  

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In art class we are currently working on artist trading cards. Each student creates multiple pieces of art on a card. We make them using paint, crayon, watercolor, or colored pencils. After we make our cards we will trade with other artists who send us trading cards. Last week a friend of my teacher sent us cards from South Korea that she made. I really enjoy this type of art, and I cannot wait to get more cards.

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Mütter Museum

Last Wednesday PRIED went on an expeditionary learning trip to the Mütter Museum. We started the trip by walking around in the museum. We saw different diseases, conjoined twins and small babies who died from various complications. After that we took a class where we learned how to tell what people’s genders are and if they are African, American, or Asian from their skulls. I thought the class we took was really cool and interesting, and it was a great learning experience.

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Special Spaces

During this school year we have implemented design thinking. For our first project we will be teaming up with Special Spaces. In this project we will raise money and then create a bedroom with the money for a child with a disability. We are going to be doing a babysitting fundraiser and maybe some others. We want to do a yard sale, a bake sale, and a raffle to make money as well. We are also going to send letters to stores to see if they can donate to us. After we make around $3000 we will find out what this child likes and what their needs are. Next, we will help to design and build the room. When we finish we will show the child his/her room. I am really excited to be doing this project, and I can’t wait to start building.

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Canoe Trip

This past Wednesday our class went on a science expeditionary learning trip. We took a bus to a canoe spot and paddled in the Brandywine creek. After about a half hour, we got out and found a spot where we could test the water quality. We needed a place with flowing water because the macroinvertebrates need flowing water to breathe. We put a net in the water and started to scrub rocks that were in front of it. Then we put the net on a dry surface and looked for the macroinvertebrates. We sorted the macroinvertebrates and used our findings to see if the creek had good water quality. This spot had excellent water quality. We paddled down the creek more and then tested the water quality a second time. This time we were by a road so the quality was not excellent, but it was still good. I really enjoyed this trip and hope to experience more trips like this.

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Museum of the Moving Image

Last week, on Thursday, PRIED went to the Museum of the Moving Image. We started by taking the bus and then the subway to the museum, and then we started our tour. The building was built to look like a big spaceship which was really cool. We were able to see the old video cameras and how people make movies today. We were also able to create our own stop motion film and add music to other films. We saw costumes from older movies and talked about how they look much more impressive in the films rather than by themselves. At the end we watched a short film called The Immigrant with just music, and then we got ready to leave. This was one of the best field trips ever, and I hope we can do it again.

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Boston Trip

Last week our class took a trip to Boston. We flew on a plane to the Boston Logan airport from the Philadelphia airport.

We had previously learned about the pilgrims arrival at Plymouth. We learned about the colonies and the British taxing the colonies. We also studied the Sons of Liberty, the first and second Continental Congresses, and the writing of the Declaration of Independence. In addition, we learned about the Continental Army and the battles of Bunker Hill, Lexington, and Concord.

We started day 1 in Boston by taking a train, and then a taxi, to Plimoth Plantation. After that, we traveled on another taxi to see Plymouth Rock. At the start of day 2 we boarded a water taxi and then walked to the subway station. We rode the subway to the Old State House then walked to the Old South Meeting House. After visiting at the Meeting House, we traveled on the subway to the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. Then we rode the subway again to go walk the Freedom Trail. The first thing we did on our last day in Boston was ride the subway to the Harvard University campus. After the tour, we used the commuter train to get to Salem village where we boarded a trolley tour. After the trolley tour we went to the Salem Witch Museum. After we visited the Museum, we used both the train and subway to get back to the Boston Logan Airport where we flew back to Philadelphia.

I really enjoyed this trip and hope we can do something like this again!

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In school we are reading one of my favorite books, MONSTER, by Walter Dean Myers. It is about a boy who is in court for being part of a murder. I don’t think he was part of it, but we are supposed to finish the book for Monday so I’ll find out soon. My job is word wizard. I have to find words that I think are interesting or that have unknown meanings. Everyone in the class has a job. I can’t wait to finish the book and start a new one.

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Ronald McDonald House

Last Friday PRIED went to the Ronald McDonald house to cook lunch for the families there. We split into two groups. One group made the mac and cheese, and my group made the vegetable soup. In the soup there were potatoes, tomatoes, corn, carrots, celery, and seasoning. The other group started to make the cheese part of the Mac and cheese while my group cut up the carrots, celery, and potatoes.. When the soup was cooking, I started to cut the lettuce for the salad. We put the lettuce in a bowl and washed it and then put on the cheese, croutons, and the dressing. When the pasta was done cooking, we poured on the cheese and stirred it together so all of the pasta had cheese. Then we set the food on the table where the gather to eat. They took us on a tour of the house, and when we got back, we saw a bunch of families enjoying the meal we made for them. When we left, I was happy we did this, and I hope to go back there again!

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Best Trip Ever

Last Friday, my class went on an expeditionary learning trip to a Motown Meets Jazz concert. We went because we are learning about Jazz in music, and we wanted to see and hear Jazz music to deepen our learning. At the concert, they talked about some famous jazz artists such as Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder. They used some non-Jazz music and then switched to Jazz in the middle of one song so we could hear the difference. I really enjoyed the concert. After that, we had lunch and explored around the University of Pennsylvania campu. Then went to Escape the Room. Escape the Room is when you get a group of people together and then go into a room and try to find clues to get out of the room in an hour or less. We all had great teamwork and were able to get out in 47 minutes. I really liked our trip.

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