Ronald McDonald House

Last Friday PRIED went to the Ronald McDonald house to cook lunch for the families there. We split into two groups. One group made the mac and cheese, and my group made the vegetable soup. In the soup there were potatoes, tomatoes, corn, carrots, celery, and seasoning. The other group started to make the cheese part of the Mac and cheese while my group cut up the carrots, celery, and potatoes.. When the soup was cooking, I started to cut the lettuce for the salad. We put the lettuce in a bowl and washed it and then put on the cheese, croutons, and the dressing. When the pasta was done cooking, we poured on the cheese and stirred it together so all of the pasta had cheese. Then we set the food on the table where the gather to eat. They took us on a tour of the house, and when we got back, we saw a bunch of families enjoying the meal we made for them. When we left, I was happy we did this, and I hope to go back there again!

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Ronald McDonald House

On Friday, we volunteered to cook lunch for the families at the Ronald McDonal House. Families at the Ronald McDonald House are there because they cannot afford a hotel room because their child’s medical bills are too high. The House relies on volunteers because even though the families are asked to pay 15 dollars a night to stay there, the average amount a family pays per night is only $4 because again, medical bills are often through the roof. Families are never turned away even if they can’t pay to stay at the House. Since medical bills are very high for these families, the House invites volunteers to come and cook meals so that on top of their children being very sick, families do not have to worry about paying for food. This is why we went to cook, because we understand how these families feel and know that we should give as much as we can.

A week before we cooked, we came up with a meal plan. We had to make sure that food allergies and habits would be met, so we put a lot of effort into making sure there would be something for everyone to eat. Finally, we came up with our “menu”: Mac and cheese, Caesar Salad, and Vegetable Soup. We thought this meal was a good idea because if there was a vegetarian, the could eat the soup and salad. If there was someone who was gluten free, they could have the soup. Also, our meal was kid-friendly with mac and cheese, so everyone could eat.

We bought all our ingredients and arrived at the House on Friday at about 10:00. We had about two hours to cook up and clean up. We washed hands and got right to work. We split up into two groups: four people went to start cutting vegetables for the soup and the two others made the mac and cheese. I made the mac and cheese with a friend. First, we started to boil water to cook the pasta. Next, while we were waiting, we started shredding the cheese for the cheesy rue that would go over the pasta. There was a LOT of cheese!

After our meal was cooked, we went on a tour of the House. There was a movie theater for the kids to use, a sun room, and a play room. The House has a rule called Within Eyesight. This means that a parent has to be able to see their kids at all times. Neighboring the playroom, there was a room for the parents. There was nice furniture and even a TV so that their child/children could be playing in the other room and parents could watch TV and still be able to see their kid.

I had a great time cooking at the House, and I know that what we did was very nice for the families that are suffering.

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Ronald McDonald House

Last Friday (2-12-16) we went on a field trip to the Ronald McDonald house. While we were there, we prepared lunch and got a tour of house. For lunch, we made mac n’ cheese, vegetable soup, ceasar salad, and cookies. First, I helped make the vegetable soup by peeling and cutting potatoes, while some of my other classmates cut up carrots, garlic, and celery. After I did that, I helped add spices into the soup and add canned tomatoes. Dave helped me use the can opener, which was a crazy big contraption on the end of the counter. After I added the tomatoes, I started to make the cookies, but first put them in the refrigerator because we had left them out and the dough was too gooey. Once they had cooled, myself and another classmate cut up the cookie dough into circles and put them on two pans. After we were done, we served the food and got a tour of the house. It was very cool to learn what the Ronald McDonald house does for people. I think everyone will agree that it would be really fun to go back again!

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Maryland Science Center

On Thursday, we had another field trip!  This time, we were headed to the Maryland Science Center, about an hour and a half away.  While there, we got to watch a movie and go to the planetarium for “The Universe Live.”  However, our adventures there started with us visiting the exhibition “Newton’s Alley.”  Everything in it was related to physics.  I learned so much, even just there!  For instance, I learned that the reason pulleys work is because they reduce the friction of the rope.  So, having multiple pulleys makes an action easier.  Soon, the time came for us to go to the show “Tornado Alley,” watched in IMAX 3D.  I thought that was really amazing.  It was a dual story, one side about a mission called Vortex 2, the other about Sean Casey, who was hoping to catch the first footage from inside a tornado.

Currently, in areas hard hit with tornados, families will only get, at most, a 5-minute warning.  Vortex 2 set out to change this.  With eleven trucks, each with complex radar and data collection tools, and pods, smaller data collection devices that could be placed closer to the actual tornado, they chased storms, hoping to find out why some storms made tornados and others didn’t.  Over the whole tornado season, they collected data from many storms.  It may take years to analyze the much-needed data, but they have succeeded in the hardest part of their mission.

The other side of the story, with Sean Casey, started out in a garage.  There, he was making a home-made tank, built for heavy-duty protection and filming.  He called it the Tornado Intercept Vehicle, or simply TIV.  His goal was clear:  to get the first footage of entering a tornado.  Despite the danger, they had no fear.  With panelling that lowered to the ground and spikes that drove 40 inches into the earth, they had no reason to be.  Instead, they fearlessly chased storms, setting out as soon as TIV was ready.  Their first few storms were failures; some never created a tornado and others created tornados that never crossed a road that TIV could reach.  However, in the end, they found their perfect storm.  They set down and began filming the awesome power of the wind.  Even though it took years of work to get to this, it was over in a moment.  TIV had succeeded in their mission!

Overall, I thought that our trip to the Science Center was a great field trip, one that I’d love to do again!

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Field Trip to the Maryland Science Center

Last week one of the things that we did was going to the Maryland Science Center for a field trip. The whole trip was amazing and was very educational. I learned a lot through all the experiments and activities. One of my favorite things that we did was the film about tornados. The reason I liked this so much is because my uncle lives in Oklahoma, and he is a tornado chaser. My mom also grew up in Oklahoma, and I have always been interested in tornados and how they form. This film was a good way for me to get some more information about that type of thing. We did many other things, but that was just one of the things that was very interesting to me.

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Constitution Center Field Trip

During our field trip to the Constitution Center I learned a lot of new things, but one of the things that stuck out to me was about women’s voting rights. I have always known that women were first allowed to vote in 1920, but what I did not know was that Wyoming was the first state that allowed women to vote prior to 1920. Although it was first legal to have women vote in New Jersey, that law also stated that you needed to be a landowner in order to vote. Once New Jersey allowed women to be landowners, they quickly changed the law so that women could no longer legally vote. I think that this is so interesting mostly because New Jersey made a law about voting that did not explicitly state that women could not vote, and once they were able to, they changed the law back. The whole day at the Constitution Center was very informational and overall just a great experience!

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Programs We are Working to Help

One of the things that we have done recently is raise money for charity by babysitting. We had a game and movie night for younger children. All the money that we raised will go towards buying a Life Saver Bottle. Life Saver Bottles are water bottles that have a filter built into them so that people living in places that do not have access to clean water can drink the water that they have available without getting sick. We have also donated food to the Sunday Breakfast Mission. I love raising money and donating to organizations because I think that it is very important to give to others!

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In music, we started to research about Jazz in a certain time period. Everyone got their own period of time. After everyone’s done their research, we are going to make a timeline. I am researching Chicago and New Orleans style from 1917- 1930. We are supposed to research four events associated with the development of Jazz. These events are who were the leaders within the genre, what did they do, what were their inspirations, and what characteristics of the music make the genre distinct. We also need four pictures to represent the genre and two major historical events that happened during the genre’s time. Additionally, we need one video example and an additional fun fact. I’m very excited to see how this turns out.  

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Constitution Center and Independence Hall

On Thursday, we went on a field trip for history!  We started at the Constitution Center.  There, we started by walking through a history of our country and constitution.  There, I learned a lot.  For instance, I learned that the first state to allow women to vote actually did it by accident.  New Jersey, at around 1800, only said that, to vote, you had to be white and own land.  Since land was passed down to the eldest son, they didn’t have a problem with women owning land.  However, when women started to own land, they realized that they were now eligible to vote and went straight to the polls.  Soon, around 1850, the politicians of New Jersey realized that this was happening and changed the laws to make it so only men could vote.

After reading about the country’s history, we did an inner part to that, which was more interactive.  You got to “vote,” get sworn into office, and write sticky notes for what you think the next amendment should be.  There, we just got to have some fun!  Afterwards, we went into a room, set up like the signing of the Constitution.  They had statues of every delegate that was there, carefully and painstakingly recreated.  I thought it was a really amazing room.  Then, we got to see the original Bill of Rights!  It was very carefully protected and beautiful.

Then it was time for Independence Hall!  We arrived just ten minutes before the next tour; in good time.  The tour was great!  We started with the courthouse in Independence Hall.  We discussed the use of the courthouse and why it was here, as well as what was going on at the time.  At last, we moved to the meeting room.  It was so hard to believe that we were standing where so many of our founding fathers had stood at one point!  Here, we also discussed what had happened in the room and several things in the room, including the Chair of the Rising Sun.

Overall, I thought our field trip was engaging and full of opportunities to learn!

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Constitution Center

On Thursday, we took an expeditionary learning trip to the Constitution Center. We arrived at school for a brief summary of what we would see and do while in Philadelphia. After our morning meeting, we drove to the train station where we boarded the SEPTA for a short ride into the city. On the train, we started listening to an audiobook written and read by Rush Limbaugh. We had already read one of his other books, Rush Revere and the Pilgrims. Now, we are listening to Rush Revere and the First Patriots. We listen to these books to a) make the hour long train ride really fun and b) learn a bit of background information about where we are traveling to. In this book, we learned about the speech Benjamin Franklin gave in England to convince Parliament to repeal the Stamp Act. Our train rides are very educational!

After we got off of the train, we walked a short distance to the Visitor Center. We walked through a brief introductory exhibit before heading to the main building. After we entered the Constitution Center, we walked to the main exhibit where there were two paths. The first path was the outer path that took you on a tour of the history leading up to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. There were many interactive activities on the outer path. One that I really liked was a continuos conversation between a man and a woman. They were debating over historical issues like slavery, women’s rights to vote, and the taxes. These gave you the idea that there were many people who were for independence, but there were also some who were against it.

After the outer path, we continued to the inner path. This was an activities path. It was filled with fun interactive games that helped teach you about what the Constitution did for the US. One of my favorite activities was a voting booth. You entered a booth just like a real one and pressed start on the screen. The computer would shuffle through and pick a random democrat and a random republican. It was possible for you to get two different people who ran in two different years. After you accepted the delegates, the screen showed you two different quotes. The quotes were on different topics. Your job was to pick which quote you agreed with most. The trick is, you don’t know who said each quote. At the end, the computer calculates the percent you agreed with each person. I thought this was super cool because we got to see who we agreed with on different issues like education, politics, and crime. I really liked this because I got to learn different perspectives on the same issues.

After this exhibit, we entered another room. This contained many statues of all the men who signed the Constitution. We walked around and looked for different people we had been learning about through our history lessons. I thought this was a lot of fun!

Soon, we entered a new room. This had an actual copy of the Constitution. It was very interesting because the document had so many writing differences than the way we write today. Also, there was one of the only copies around of the Bill of Rights. I learned that there were twelve amendments to start with. However, the first two were not approved, therefore there are ten original amendments in the Bill of Rights today.

I really enjoyed our expeditionary learning trip. I can’t wait fro the next one to the Hispanic Ballet!

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