Book Club 11/11/14

In book club, we are reading The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow; The Diary Of Sarah Nita, A Navajo Girl. It is all about a girl who is growing up when Native Americans were settled in America, how her family was taken by “White Men” as they call them. Sarah Nita (the main character) and her sister are left with their dog Silver Coat to find a place where they will be safely hidden from the white men after the rest of their family was captured by the White Men themselves. The story is told by Sarah Nita to her granddaughter, who is writing it all down in a special book that her teacher gave her. 

I love book club because we each get to read books we may not have chosen on our own, and we also get to share our thoughts. 

I am glad that we are reading this book, and I can’t wait until we finish!

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Yoga 11/5/14

We started our day with yoga. We did our usual sun-salutations,and our ujaii breath also known as victorious breath. Next,we did our cat and cow stretches followed by downward dog. We also learned two new poses today called warrior 1 and warrior 2. For warrior 1, you place one leg in front of the other, twisting the back leg out to the side slightly. Then, you bend your front knee in a way so that you cannnot see your front toes. You then raise your hands above your head straight up, but not reaching too much. At the end, we did our corpse pose, when we just layed down and thought about what we had just done. It was a very nice way to end our session because it calmed us down after all of our stretching. For warrior 2, go back to the same beggining pose as warrior 1, where your arms are still at your sides. Then, twist your waist to your back leg whichever side feels right. It is easy to tell because you can only twist a tiny bit in one direction. After you open your hips, raise your arms behind and in front of you, leaning towards your front arm. I relly enjoy yoga, and I am going to use these poses at home a lot now that I know them. 



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European Explorer Coins 11/6/14

This afternoon, we finished our european explorer Facebook pages. We also started the coins that we are creating for the explorer we think deserves one the most. I am giving a coin to Ferdinand Magellan because he was the first man to circumnavigate the world. On the first side, I am going to imprint Africa/Europe. Since he was born in Portugal, I am going to put Ferdinand Magellan on Portugal, and his ship nearby in the water. On the back, I might sketch the building that he was born in. I am not quite sure yet, but I have an idea of what I want to do on the back. We are using toothpicks to carve the designs into clay. Tomorrow, we are going to spend all day working on our coins. I am really looking forward to how they come out in the end, and I hope we do more projects like this in the future. 

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Computer Science 11/4/14

           Today we had our first coding lesson with a student from the University of Delaware. We learned how to create a square and a rectangle. We also figured out on our own how to draw a rectangle on the computer using code, then put another rectangle inside of that one, until there was no room for another. It was very confusing at the beginning, but since our teacher is super nice, she helped us to understand what we were doing. She told us about the grandma test, which is a coding test to make sure you understand what you are doing. She told us that since many people don’t understand technology that well, this test is to explain everything that we are doing to someone that does not know what we are doing. If they understand, we pass the test. We don’t have to do that quite yet, but I think that we will be ready. I can almost say what we are doing already, but I would need to do it at the same time. 

I can’t wait until next week, when we will learn something new about computer science!

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Blog post 10/30/14

This morning, I made phoulet basqaise in French. It took all morning, but it made the perfect lunch. In the soup, there was peppers, tomatoes, chicken, onions, garlic, and a special ground pepper called Piment D’espelette. Piment D’espelette is a type of pepper that is only grown in Basquaise, a small town in France. I made rice later on and poured the soup on top. It was delicious.

After French, we met our new technology teacher. She is a University of Delaware student studying computor science. She is super nice, and I can’t wait to work with her next. 

Soon following lunch and recess, we continued our work with our European Explorer facebook projects. Right, I have already completed one page for Ferdinand Magellan, and I am doing my next explorer named Thomas Cavendish. These are a great way to display information about each person. At the end, we are going to use what we each know to create a coin in honor of someone who we think deserves one the most. So far, I think I am going to give a coin to Ferdinand Magellan, but I have not finished my second feacebook page, so I have a few more things to do before I decide. I am really enjoying this project, and I cant wait to see how the final project will look, including the facebook pages, any other research, and of course the coin. 

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Current Events 11/3/14

During current events, I read about 11 different baking swaps for healthy eating on an app that is called Flipboard. Flipboard gives you many different articles separated into categories like technology and science. Every time you find an article you like, you can add it to a magazine of your own. I have three magazines, titled Food, Science, and Marine Life. Today, I added it to my Food magazine. I read many interesting tips. For example, instead of using butter in your chocolate cookies, try using greek yogurt. The article stated that simple changes can make a big difference in your health, and I am definitely going to try some of these tips. 

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Recycling Project 10/28/14

We are taking part in a recycling project for the Philadelphia Zoo. Each group must come up with a way to recycle something that is not already being recycled in their community. The material they are recycling also has to help an animal in some way. We are entering by recycling old clothes. We can make reusable bags to help prevent so much plastic from shopping bags get into the water where sea turtles live. We are also going to give other clothes we collect to an organization that uses the material to substitute for playground flooring instead of mulch. This effects birds because if less mulch is being used, then less trees are being cut down, so more birds can nest. The link is listed below for more details on the contest:

I can’t wait until the contest, and I wonder when we will start collecting materials!

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French 10/27/14

Last Thursday in French, I read several more books, and also went through a few more syllable exercises. At the end, I talked to my french teacher about Poulet Basqaiuse that  I am going to make this week.  Poulet Basqaiuse is a french dish from a special place in France. In the “corner” of the country, there is a small town called Basqaiuse. In it, there is chicken, tomatoes, garlic, onions, and more. There is also a secret ingredient. I can’t wait to see what it will be! 

I am also doing Duolingo, a language learning program that I use every day except for Thursday. Duolingo is interactive, fun, and it really encourages learning. I love using Duolingo, and I think that I might be able to speak french fluently by the end of the year!

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Sea Turtles 10/21/14

I meant to blog about this yesterday, but I forgot to, so I am going to write about it now. Since Pried is taking part in helping sea turtles, we had to look for a place to give the profits we receive from our reused bags. We found a website called Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC), and decided we should find out where their profits go specifically. Do they help protect the eggs? Or does the money go towards helping the babies get to the water safely? The site itself did not give this information, so we thought we could email the STC and ask them directly. They got back to us rather quickly, and told us that they loved our idea of making reusable bags out of old t-shirts to help prevent the use of plastic bags. They also stated that their profits go towards monitoring the population of the sea turtles, tracking migration patterns, and helping to inform others about sea turtles in general. The following is an excerpt from the email that the STC sent me:

What a neat idea you guys have; I love it! We are a science-based conservation group. We run conservation programs in Nevis, Panama, Costa Rica, Bermuda and the east coast of Florida. We “help” sea turtles by monitoring populations, tracking migration patterns and educating people on the importance of sea turtles and their habitats. We look at research we’ve gathered in these areas (some of the most important nesting beaches in the world) to determine what population levels are likely and, if necessary, how to fix declining populations. We advocate on the behalf of sea turtles by speaking out against or for laws that might harm or protect sea turtles, respectively, or their habitats to shape policy and laws. We implement programs to mitigate dangers to sea turtles such as invasive predation and lighting disorientation.  

I am so glad they got back to us, and I can’t wait to what step we will take next to help seat turtles!

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Haiku 10/20/14

At recess today, we wrote our next poem for our Cover Story writing curriculum; haiku. Haiku is a poem that has a stuttered three line form. On the first line, there are 5 syllables. On the middle line, 7 syllables follow. Finally, on the last line, there are 5 syllables. If you happen to be over on one line by a few syllables, it is fine, as long as the poem is heartfelt and “feels right”. Haiku is mostly about nature, and observations from it. All our writing pieces are supposed to relate or fit into the theme of our magazine. But haiku is an exception, since most haiku is written about nature. I wrote about the grass and the wind. It sounds plain right now, but it is a topic that is often written about. I am open to suggestions, if you would like to help me. I can’t wait to see what we will right next. 


The Wind
The chilly wind blows
the grass to and fro; the force
Mother Nature’s breaths

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