Current Events 9/12/14

Today we had a very interesting Current Events discussion. I read an article about Rhinos, and how they are getting killed every 7 hours, just for their horns. However, there is an organization called Rhinos without Borders. They are trying to save as many rhinos as they can. In 2015, this organization will move 100 rhinos from South Africa, to Botswana. They are taking them out of South Africa because 80% of the rhinos are in Africa, and this way if a poacher comes, they can’t kill all the rhinos, because only a few will be there. Also, Botswana has the zero tolerance when it comes to poachers. They will treat any one like a threat to the military if they come and shoot or try to shoot an animal. So, if the rhinos are in  Botswana, then they aren’t in danger of being killed. I really think that this is a great way to help rhinos, and I really hope that there is something that we can do to help.

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Franklin Institute 9/11/14

IMG_0073 IMG_0074Yesterday we went to the Franklin Institute. We went to the Mess Fest, an interactive science program. We took the train into Philadelphia, and then we walked to the Institute from the train station. It took us six blocks, and afterwards we found a much shorter way to get back to the train station. We had walked an extra block!

After we got to the Institute, we checked in and walked upstairs to the room we would do most of the experiments in.

We started the day at the Institute by making a Polymer from glue, food coloring, and a borax mixture with water. Later on, we found out that what we had made was slime.

After we made our slime, we created bubble wands and made bubbles. We tried to make a shape other than a sphere, but we couldn’t because the surface tension was making the bubble take up the least amount space possible, creating the shape of a sphere.

Once we cleaned up all the bubble mixture, we had lunch. Before we got back to science, we got to look around the exhibit called Sir Isaac’s Loft, and there were lots of cool illusions. There was also a Rube Goldberg Machine, a machine that takes balls through a bunch of cool obstacles. There was a trampoline that the ball bounced on, and there was also a tube that the ball got pushed through, and then got shot up into the track to start over.

Following lunch, we made elephant toothpaste. We used Hydrogen Peroxide, Dish Soap, and Potassium Iodine. We mixed the ingredients, and then we watched the foam rise to the top, and overflow the container. It was so cool!

We walked outside to do some more experiments after the elephant toothpaste experiment. We did several cool things, one of which was imploding a watermelon. We layered rubber bands around the center of the melon, and once we reached close to 400 rubber bands, the melon imploded! It splattered everywhere! I got some on my shirt and all over my neck!

After the explosion of the watermelon, we got to sit inside a bubble. But sadly, the wind would not co-operate, so only two people got to be inside a bubble. We used the same soap that we used earlier, but this time, instead of a bubble wand, they had a hoola-hoop attached to a pole, and they dipped that into the soup. The bubbles were huge!

We finished the bubble experiment, and then we made a much larger version of our elephant toothpaste experiment. We put the soap and other ingredients in a huge water jug, and the toothpaste just kept on coming! It was so much more fun the bigger way than the smaller way we made it inside.

As soon as the toothpaste stopped, we walked over to another station. The man showing us the experiment started the show by saying that in order for liquid to turn to gas, it has to be 360 degrees below zero. He also said that when liquid is turning into gas, it expands its volume about 700 times. The instructor poured Liquid Nitrogen into a soda bottle with a screw-on lid. Then, he filled a trash can with water. He then poured two whole bags of plastic balls into the trash can. Since the volume was expanding, when the bottle cap shot open, the balls went flying into the air! It looked like confetti, but the confetti was 8 times bigger than usual!

They also did a similar experiment with a soap experiment. TheLiquid Nitrogen mixed with the hot water, and sent soap everywhere!


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Blog Post 9/10/14

Today was great. At current events this morning, we talked about airline food and how its not healthy if you’re trying to lose weight. We talked about why a woman died because she had a wheel chair, and the lift for the wheel chair to board the plane was broken, so she couldn’t get on the plane from Hungry to get back to her doctor in the U.S. We also talked about how Saturn’s F ring is creating and destroying moons, and how that could effect the future.

After Current Events, we had work time. I did my math assignment for the day, then I watched a video within Cover Story, a writing program that includes journaling and creating a magazine at the end of the year on a topic I am interested in. After Cover Story, I did Duolingo, a language program, and I am learning French. Bonjour! Duolingo is a fun and engaging program, and I think that if I do it every day for 20 minutes like I’ve been, I’ll be a French expert in no time!

After work time, we had lunch and recess. At recess, we told stories using different nouns and adjectives, and you won’t believe how weird some of our stories were!

Once we finished recess, we wrote a letter to a neighbor of the school asking if we could access the stream through their backyard. We want access to the stream so that we can test the water using various tools.

Once we wrote the letter, we researched more about year round schooling. I think I a agree with it, but I want a little more information to see if that will change my mind. In the end, we are going to write persuasive essays on the subject, telling wether or not we are for or against the idea. I think this will be a great project!

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Blog Post 9/9/14

Today, we stuck to our schedule, and we accomplished so much! To start off the day, we read current events. I read about cures for autism when you’re still an infant, and I also learned more about the Scottish voting for independence from the UK. After Current Events, we had work time. I worked on my math, and then I did Duolingo, a language app. I’m learning French. Duolingo is so cool, you can speak that language, and at the same time you can work on grammar and vocabulary. After work time, we had lunch and recess. At recess, we played Soccer Golf. To play, each person takes turns kicking their soccer ball into the hoola hoop in the least amount of shots as possible, like in regular golf. I lost. After recess, we worked on our persuasive essay research for year round schooling. I found out that schools have been using the same calendar for over one hundred and fifty years. These essays are going to turn out great!

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Blog Post 9/8/14

We did lots of fun and cool activities today. As usual, we started with Current Events, and we talked about a respiratory illness effecting kids all over the US, turning glucose into propane using e.coli, and Scotland voting for or against being part of the UK. After that, we   started writing, and we watched videos about how to create a magazine of year long writing activities and experiences. Writing is going to be so cool this year! Then, we had lunch, and we created a letter to ask one of the neighbors with access to the stream if we could use that area to test the water quality. After lunch, we finished work from math and writing. We had so much fun today!

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Blog Post 9/5/14

Today was lots of fun! We started the day talking about our current events. We talked specifically about a sea turtle rescue, a prosthetic leg, and the ten healthiest cities in the world. After Current Events and Morning Meeting, we worked on our MLB project data, and we created graphs of our findings. After our math, we had lunch and recess, and we went for a nice walk to look for the stream. Once we got back from our walk, we worked on our I AM projects, where we each created something that describes our interests and important things in our life. I did a collage, and it has ALOT of different things on it, including a paper book, a button family (my button family), and a little C-D with my favorite movie title on it. It looks so cool!image

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Blog Post 9/4/14

Today was lots of fun. We started the day with current events. I chose a topic on GMO, and how scientists are spending billions of dollars on creating Golden Rice, a product with supposedly the same nutrition that humans get from a normal meal. They are going to give this food to starving families all over the world, so that even though they only are eating rice, they are at least getting the nutrition that they need. I highly disagree with this idea because first of all, who wants to eat rice all day? And second, even if you are still eating healthy, they are spending billions on this “rice”, when they could be using that money to give to a real organization that helps hunger, so that children and adults are getting the nutrition they need in the form of many other foods. I mean, who wants to eat rice all day?

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Blog Post 9/3/14

imageToday was day two of school. We started our day with Current Events. We downloaded Google docs and Google drive so that we could create and share our writing and assignments with each other. We created an online vocabulary journal to keep all our vocab words in, and the first word we entered was Polar Vortex. We also created a rubric for our math journals. We shared our projects on Outliers, a book we read over the summer. I created a Computer, a Hockey stick, and a lot of math symbols. Each represented something important in the book. We looked through our new Algebra books, and talked about what we learned and what we learned already and what was new to us. I love what we are doing so far this year at PRIED!!!

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Blog Post 9-2-14

Today was the first day of school. we didn’t do a lot of educational stuff, but we got to know each other and we spent a lot of time downloading apps and exploring them. We decorated our math books and described things that are important to our life in numbers. One of the numbers I did was 3 because I have three siblings. We also made a list of things that we want to do this year in math and in general. We created a timer to do educational stuff for 50 minutes and the 7 minutes of break time to stretch so that we get breaks in between so that we aren’t stressed or antsy. We also talked about a book we read over the summer called Outliers. We talked about what we liked. We decided we would do a debate type unit to express how we feel about year-round schooling.

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