Blog Post 9/3/14

imageToday was day two of school. We started our day with Current Events. We downloaded Google docs and Google drive so that we could create and share our writing and assignments with each other. We created an online vocabulary journal to keep all our vocab words in, and the first word we entered was Polar Vortex. We also created a rubric for our math journals. We shared our projects on Outliers, a book we read over the summer. I created a Computer, a Hockey stick, and a lot of math symbols. Each represented something important in the book. We looked through our new Algebra books, and talked about what we learned and what we learned already and what was new to us. I love what we are doing so far this year at PRIED!!!

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Blog Post 9-3-14

Today we continued our technology set-up and familiarized ourselves with Google Docs and Google Drive.  We also created a current events online journal for each student and an online vocabulary journal for our class to add to daily.  During our current events discussion we discussed an article related to the air strikes in Syria and the related U.S. journalist deaths, an article on how the melting of icebergs may be effecting the movement of the polar vortex, and an article related the St. Louis Cardinals and their quest for first place.  We then skimmed through our new math books and created a rubric for our interactive math notebooks.  Additionally, we continued our discussion of The Outliers, and the students presented their projects that they completed over the summer.  I must say that they were very innovative and thoughtful pieces of work!  At the end of the day the students started to work on an I Am project.  They were given a choice of 9 different projects to complete based on different learning modalities.  They started to brainstorm today and will complete their projects over the next two school days!

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Blog Post 9/2/14

Today was our first day of school!! We spent most of the morning setting up our school supplies and downloading/exploring apps.  We also talked about what school is going to be like, and Mandy asked us questions about what our personal interests are and what we would like to be doing this year.

I’m really excited to really begin the work of the school year, as it seems it will be almost all student driven with whatever we would like to do, and that we will be exploring a wide amount of topics, including a lot of current events.  We will also be doing a lot of fun field trips.  Our first field trip is actually next Thursday, and we’ll be going to the Franklin Institute to do a few of their homeschool projects.

Another thing that I like is how we have 50 minutes of work, and then a seven minute activity break period, in which you can stretch, walk around go to the bathroom, or have some snack.

I can’t wait for next week, so we can begin our projects and routine for the school year.

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Blog Post 9-2-14

Today was the first day of school. we didn’t do a lot of educational stuff, but we got to know each other and we spent a lot of time downloading apps and exploring them. We decorated our math books and described things that are important to our life in numbers. One of the numbers I did was 3 because I have three siblings. We also made a list of things that we want to do this year in math and in general. We created a timer to do educational stuff for 50 minutes and the 7 minutes of break time to stretch so that we get breaks in between so that we aren’t stressed or antsy. We also talked about a book we read over the summer called Outliers. We talked about what we liked. We decided we would do a debate type unit to express how we feel about year-round schooling.

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PRIED First Day

As the new teacher for PRIED, I cannot contain my excitement for the new school year!  Although we are starting small, I think that we will reach some big heights!  We spent the majority of our first day setting up and exploring our new technology and apps related to current events.  We also set-up interactive math notebooks and journals.  Additionally, we discussed The Outliers and talked about some projects that we will complete related to the book.  I also implemented the 50 minutes of work/5-7 minutes of break rule.  I set the timer for 50 minutes and when the timer went off students stopped to stretch, move, and socialize.  Their responses to this idea were overwhelmingly positive.  Looking forward to tomorrow!

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PRIED Socialization Info

Regarding PRIED’s small school size we encourage you to review current and historical literature on comparisons of socialization across school environments. As a start,

The following is an excerpt from the Peabody Journal of Education; Vol.88, Issue 3, July 2013: “Compared to children attending conventional schools, however, research suggest that they (homeschooled children) have higher quality friendships and better relationships with their parents and other adults. They are happy, optimistic, and satisfied with their lives. Their moral reasoning is at least as advanced as that of other children, and they may be more likely to act unselfishly. As adolescents, they have a strong sense of social responsibility and exhibit less emotional turmoil and problem behaviors than their peers. Those who go on to college are socially involved and open to new experiences.”

Metrics studied included measures of self-concept and socialization (e.g. Piers-Harris Children’s Self Concept Scale, and Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale). One notable finding denotes the ability to both highly personalize (frequent student-adult interaction) and extrovert (frequent expeditionary trips interacting children with their community) a child’s education when done within a small, individualized environment.

Literature comparing socialization in childhood education predominately reflects studies of conventional schools, typical private schools or home schooling. Yet, PRIED aims to be a best hybridization of these environments; individualized and independent, yet within a group learning structure outside of the home.

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PRIED Teacher Announced

Dear Friends of PRIED (Program for Rigor and Innovation in Education),

We are excited to share with you our latest good news!

PRIED has secured an exceptional adolescent educator, Mandy Reis, one known to Kerry and I for many years.

Her Curriculum Vitae includes a Bachelor of Science in Education, discipline: Middle School Mathematics and Special Education.  She graduated in 2008, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Delaware.  She also holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Delaware, discipline: English as a Second Language, graduating with a 3.94/4.0 GPA.

Her time at the University of Delaware included several years work in the Office of Clinical Studies, Education.  She was a member of the Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and Kappa Delta Pi Education Honors Fraternity; and she earned Dean’s List honors throughout her 2005-2008 studies.

She holds state teaching certifications in both Delaware and New Jersey across several disciplines including Mathematics Specialization Grades 6-8, as well as Teacher of Students with Disabilities.

She manifests a strong and diverse teaching experience, educating at regional schools during her training as well as post-graduation.  She has implemented a variety of formative and summative assessment techniques, and has integrated technology and manipulative strategies in her current teaching environment.

Her recent continuing educational endeavors include Mathematics and Smart Board training, specialization in state testing assessments; as well planned attendance at the upcoming national conference Learning and the Brain, where the latest thought on brain-based learning, teaching, and curriculum are presented.

In addition to her strong contemporary scholastic skill, she also brings Delaware State Math League Coach and Competitive Cheerleading expertise.

We are thrilled and appreciative of this latest addition to the PRIED family; a further tremendous asset to the educational structure of the school.

Thank you for your continued interest in PRIED.  Please share with us your thoughts or questions at any time.

Ehyal Shweiki
Program for Rigor and Innovation in Education

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