Our day began with yoga.  For yoga, we did some really challenging, yet fun, poses.  We started with a long warm-up for a pose called Bird of Paradise.  Bird of Paradise is a difficult balance pose.  You end up in a kind of knot, while standing on one leg.  We also did Crow, an arm-balance pose.  In Crow, you get into a kind of squat, then place your hands on the ground.  You bend your elbows so that they create a kind of shelf, then put your knees right above your elbows.  You slowly start to lift your feet off the ground, and that’s Crow!  We also did Flying Pigeon, a pose that is like regular Pigeon, but both of your feet are off of the ground.  You get into Flying Pigeon by standing up and bending your legs enough so that you can place your hands on the floor.  You make a shelf like you do in Crow, and then cross one leg over the other.  You place the crossed leg on your shelf, making sure to hook your toes around your arm.  Put your weight on your arms and begin to lift your back leg.  To do the full FLying Pigeon, straighten your back leg out, before or after you lift it.  I really enjoyed yoga this week and I can’t wait until yoga next week!

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